Wheel Repair & Resoration Services

Curb Damage Repair • Custom Painting • Polishing • Corrosion Repair

Refinishing & Restoration

Are your alloy wheels scratched, scraped or gouged with damage? Let Trundle restore them to look like NEW.

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Wheel Personalization

We can give your alloy wheels a beautiful facelift. We can completely change the color of your wheels or paint your wheels to match the color of your vehicle. Personalization is a way to make your vehicle stand out amongst the rest. Let us give your vehicle a makeover and a truly unique look!

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Paintless Dent Repair

We can also remove your minor dings and dents!

Our Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) process saves you time, money and best of all it won't ruin the factory finish!

Minor dents and dings on a vehicle are an unavoidable reality and can cost hundreds of dollars if you have your dealership's body shop remove them. Why pay more than necessary just to have a few dents and dings removed from your vehicle?

Use the body shop for major repairs and have one of our professionals remove those minor unsightly dings and dents for you, without needlessly ruining the factory finish (as can happen in a body shop).

Buying a new car or truck is a major investment. Help protect the value of your vehicle, whether you're planning to sell it, gift it, or keep it -- until the wheels actually do fall off! Keep your vehicle looking its best with wheel restoration and PDR.

Also, if you want to avoid unnecessary added expenses when turning in your leased vehicle, get a quote for PDR along with wheel restoration!

Trundle strives to provide superior service to you with a reliable, fast and convenient
alloy wheel repair and restoration service saving you frustration, time and money.

Trundle Wheel Repair

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